Our Special "2021 Cookie Cutter Week" Cookie Cutter.

How to Get A Cookie Cutter Week Cutter for 2021 -

Orders are taken in the first few months of the year for a special surprise Cookie Cutter Week Cutter that will be custom made for those members who sign up. These cookie cutters are sent out during Cookie Cutter Week, Dec. 1 - 7 of each year, to all CCCC members who ordered them. To receive the special cutter for Cookie Cutter Week 2021, please send your name, address, phone number and a check for $15 to Dee Jordening, 72275 HWY 15, Fairbury, NE 68352 to be received no later than Aug. 15, 2021. This is the 25th year of Cookie Cutter Week.

Here is a list of all the special Cookie Cutter Week cutters that have been issued so far:


2015 cutter 2014 squirrel cutter

2013-War of 1812 Carronade 2012-With A Wink & A Nod 2011-When Times Were Simple

2009 Do You See What I See 2008 It's a Kick

2007 Fox 2006 Mistletoe 2005 Smores

2004 Wishbone 2003 Snowglobe 2002 Angel Wings

2001 Ribbon 2000 Coke Bottle 1999 Purple People Eater

1998 Lady Bug 1997 Grinch 1996 Horse Head